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Africa Photographic Services

Africa Photographic Services

by Louis Schoeman on Feb 1, 2018

South Africa's leading camera and lens rentals agency as well as a photographic safari outfitter Continue reading →

Cost Of Doing Business (CODB) – What should I be charging for my photography?

Cost Of Doing Business (CODB) – What should I be charging for my photography?

by Derek Whitton on Jan 29, 2018

Cost Of Doing Business (CODB) for photographers  What should I be charging for my photography?   What should I be charging for my photography? A question I frequently see raising itself on forums and in conversation. This applies whether you are a hobbyist, seasoned veteran or about to get your first paying job (high five if this is you).  Now there are many thoughts around the subject of pricing and while all have different approaches, one thing remains the same… You NEED to know your Cost Of Doing Business (CODB). Simple, isn’t it? Well, we need to delve deep to ensure that you have all the correct information you need to accurately calculate your Cost Of Doing Business. What if I told you, what you are charging is probably not enough? To show you this, I need to go back to the foundation so that we can build the walls correctly. How did you get the price you are currently charging? Did a ton of research? Thumb suck? Guestimate? Looked at a bunch of ... Continue reading →

The Lone Kite Surfer

The Lone Kite Surfer

by Glynn Isaacs on Jan 13, 2018

This remains an amazing beach to shoot sunsets, seascapes and landscapes. Let's not forget the kite surfers. Bloubergstrand beach, Cape Town, South Africa Continue reading →

My best photo of 2017

My best photo of 2017

by Colene Fourie on Dec 31, 2017

I did so many shoots in 2017, so it is hard for me to really say wich photo really stands out.  One though that I really love is of little baby Sumay.  I did her mom's maternity shoot as well.  It was my first time experiencing with this kind of photo and I think it came out pretty awesome! Thanks so much to all my clients who supported me during 2017.  You made a huge difference in my life by supporting me.  I hope 2018 will be a wonderful year for all of you. Continue reading →

Flying High

Flying High

by Glynn Isaacs on Dec 27, 2017

Flying High into 2018 as I am a High Flying High Flyer Continue reading →


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