More fun in the studio

More fun in the studio

by Sharene Wright on Oct 24, 2017

☮*´¨`*•.¸��¸.•*´¨**♔ Making Memories very precious ☮*´¨`*•.¸��¸.•*´¨**♔ Creativity is my passion. capturing memories is a treasure. A Little about me - How I came about to do Photography as my passion and Hobby Well, where do I begin first let me explain taking you back to the beginning.. 2000, on the death of my son.. my doctor told me to buy a pair of "tekkies" and a camera... go for a walk, click at things that my me smile or happy.. who could have ever imagined that this would be a sane thing to do to cope with a loss? weird but I listened and did that, shared the photos ever time i went to see him.. his reply.. "you smiling, your passion is alive now.. your road is no longer dark.. its bright..  Photo shoot began with my granddaughters and grandson and now a whole the start of editing began,I really enjoyed being behind a camera and capturing a special moment to treasure for ... Continue reading →

African Feet

African Feet

by Herman van Bon on Nov 7, 2017

At last I found a printer in the Western Cape who is able to make real high quality prints on canvas. The finest details are visible. The first print by Rickard Amos ('Just Stretch It' in Stanford) is the one of 'African Feet' of which a framed print (90 x 60cm) was exhibited at an UNESCO exhibition in Oslo (printed by Pigs Imaging, Norway). 'African Feet' on canvas measures A0 size (approx. 120 x 80cm). Canvas prints of my pictures are available in sizes A5 to A0 (see Online Shop Photography at for prices) and can be shipped in cylinder to virtually any destination in the world. In the meantime two Overberg landscape pictures are printed in A0 size for display in our gallery.   Continue reading →


Who is Sleeping_Panda Photography

by Galen McGee on Nov 23, 2017

When,Who,Where and Why.    These are the questions i get ask by humans on a daily basis when speaking about my photography. So where should I start?    When?   I first realized that I have a true passion and eye for photography when I was still very young. I was always fond of a camera and whenever I took photos they came out good. This is when I first realized that I have a good eye for photography. My father got himself a camera and I played around on it. It still never dawned on me that I was one day to become a photographer. I was a very busy kid and always had immense amounts of energy, I then started to  go on lots of different paths thinking that, it was what I really loved...only to find out that it is just what I wanted my mind to believe. After graduating from high school I still did not know what I wanted in life and what I should do with my life. It took a few years to ... Continue reading →


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