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Leande and Martin Cow Shed Wedding

Leande and Martin Cow Shed Wedding

by Laura Leigh on Apr 6, 2015

This was my first time shooting at the Cow Shed in Lydenburg and it did not disappoint! I love the wide open spaces, the farm feel and the stunning backdrop of mountains! Their decor and colour scheme was so fitting for this venue with the bright reds and yellows. I also loved the pomegranates on the side of the aisle and in the buckets around the venue. The ceremony was so beautiful, even though I can’t understand Afrikaans I felt the emotion and the message the pastor delivered. Another highlight for me was when Leande sang to Martin during the reception. She has the most beautiful voice and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. The dance moves at this wedding was also some of the best I have ever seen. Leande and Martin are such a perfect match and I have no doubt this will last forever. Thank you so much for picking me to photograph your special day. I loved getting to know you, and photographing you two was such a pleasure! Thank you Lenton Kapp for ... Continue reading →

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Merike and Marcel Val De Vie

Merike and Marcel Val De Vie

by Laura Leigh on Mar 24, 2015

There are just no words to describe how absolutely magnificent Marcel & Merike’s wedding was at the gorgeous venue at Val De Vie. Firstly, shooting at Val De Vie is a photographers dream having a white canvas, big open spaces, polo fields and horses. Then to add the stunning decor and flowers from N Concepts and Design just finished it off perfectly. It had such a soft, romantic and timeless feel. Marcel & Merike are the most wonderful people, who I met for the first time during a fun night out at Caprice in Cape Town, and we just hit it off. Merike is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever met with the prettiest smile, and she is such a beautiful soul! Marcel is a Springbok rugby player and also plays for the Bulls, but has a real soft side to him. They make the perfect couple! I loved working with all the wonderful suppliers at this wedding! Thank you Marcel & Merike for choosing me to photograph your magnificent wedding. I feel so blessed to have shared this ... Continue reading →

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Anneke and Heinrich Florence Guest Farm

Anneke and Heinrich Florence Guest Farm

by Laura Leigh on Mar 23, 2015

Laura Leigh wrote: “I was so excited to photograph Anneke & Heinrich’s wedding at Florence Guest Farm. Not only is Florence Guest Farm one of my favourite venues, but this couple is drop dead gorgeous to say the very least! When I met with them the first time we just connected so well, and I knew this was going to be a wedding I would never forget. When I arrived at the venue on Friday and saw all the decor they had made I felt as thought I had stepped into Pinterest. Anneke had made everything herself,including most of the decor and flowers, she even made her mom and bridesmaids handbags!! So much detail and effort went into this wedding, I was blown away! Thankfully she had wonderful bridesmaids and family members who helped out a lot. Anneke is so creative and has such impeccable taste that I have no doubt she will be a huge success in her new venture as interior decorator! Heinrich used to be a professional 1500m runner for SA, so we had tons in common and it was ... Continue reading →

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Anneke Boudoir at Florence Guest Farm

Anneke Boudoir at Florence Guest Farm

by Laura Leigh on Mar 23, 2015

Laura Leigh wrote: “Michelle (from Make-up By Michelle) and I drove to Florence Guest Farm on a Friday morning to go and photograph Anneke’s boudoir shoot the day before her wedding. I knew it was going to be a gorgeous shoot, but I wasn’t prepared for how stunning it actually was… Anneke, you are the most gorgeous woman inside and out! If I could photograph you every day I would be the happiest photographer alive! Thank you and Heinrich for allowing us to share some of these pictures! xo” Anneke Boudoir at Florence Guest Farm photos > Visit > Continue reading →

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Esther and Waldo Wedding at Florence Guest Farm

Esther and Waldo Wedding at Florence Guest Farm

by Laura Leigh on Mar 23, 2015

Laura Leigh wrote: “Esther and Waldo got married at Florence Guest Farm on a Wednesday afternoon, and what a glorious day it was! Shooting at Florence is always such a pleasure, and then to have the most beautiful couple to photograph was the cherry on the cake. Esther owns Beaudell Designs and is such a talented jewellery designer! She designed a stunning diamond bracelet and earrings for her big day, and looked magnificent! I loved photographing this wedding so much! The decor, the dress, the flowers, the jewellery etc were all so stunning! Thank you to Carlien & Janco from JC Clicks for the referral (Carlien is Esther’s sister). I feel so blessed to have been chosen to photograph this wedding. This is one I will never forget xo”. Esther and Waldo Wedding at Florence Guest Farm photos >       Visit > Continue reading →

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Laura Leigh Photography - Paige & Rev Hartford House, Midlands

Laura Leigh Photography - Paige & Rev Hartford House, Midlands

by Laura Leigh on Mar 11, 2015

Laura Leigh wrote: “When I first met Paige and Rev and they told me they were getting married at Hartford House I was over the moon as this is one of my favorite venues. . It is the most beautiful venue on a stud farm, and you feel as though you are in the middle of no where! It is pure bliss, especially if you love horses! Besides from the magnificent venue I was so excited to photograph this couple – I mean look at them!? I don’t think one can take a bad pic of these two!” “Their special day was definitely blessed for so many reasons! They were having an outdoor ceremony, but because it was raining cats and dogs the coordinator made the call that we would have to move it inside. The staff moved everything into the chapel and then all of a sudden the rain stopped and we had clear skys, so everything was moved back outside. It is so special as the outdoor ceremony is surrounded by Cherry Blossoms which was Paige’s granny’s favourite”. ... Continue reading →

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Tash’s Kitchen Tea Buitengeluk

Tash’s Kitchen Tea Buitengeluk

by Laura Leigh on Mar 4, 2015

Tash’s Kitchen Tea Buitengeluk Laura Leigh wrote: “Tash’s kitchen tea was held at the gorgeous Buitengeluk venue in Broadacres. It was such a treat to photograph! I walked into the gorgeous gardens at Buitengeluk to be surrounded by all the beautiful decor the bridesmaids had put together for her, they even put up a swing! The bridesmaids had a whole bunch of games for Tash to play, along with some Q&A to see how well her groom knew her and they scored almost 100%!! It was so lovely to see all these ladies coming together to share such a special day. If this is the amount of effort they put into a kitchen tea I can’t wait to see what the wedding will be like”. Tash’s kitchen tea photos >       Visit >     Continue reading →

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Wedding Time Schedule

by David Higgs on Feb 26, 2015

Exampled Time wedding for a 16:00 Wedding. 08:00 am  Wake up and enjoy God's gift of this special day.  Spent time with Him                 Eat some breakfast and listen to your favourite music.   09:00 Complete your packaging for the various activities througout the day.... Brides and wax: You may be able to...... Continue reading →

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Make the perfect choice of hiring Stock & Microstock Services

by proimage experts on Jan 9, 2015

              With the passing time, plenty of information is available to human beings. Nowadays, rapid exchange of information is witnessed as production of various types of information is available on immediate basis. Therefore, this age is commonly described as the age of information, despite in reality, many people term it as the overload of information. This overload information phenomenon occurred after the internet came prominently into existence. Internet connects many organizations and people from across the world, providing with an opportunity of business and generating money through internet, which has led this phenomenon. It’s true when the type and amount of quality advertisements over the web are considered. These online ads are of highest quality due to picture and graphics associated with it. Now, these pictures mainly are sourced from stock picture agencies. So, what basically is this source of stock photography? When ... Continue reading →

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When backgrounds turn beautiful with clipping path services

by proimage experts on Dec 25, 2014

                  When we talk about an image, it not only refers to the object of the people who are the principle subject of the picture, rather background is the next key component which gives great attraction appeal when fused with suitable images to convey the necessary message, desired to the target audience. With plenty of media collection online, you may find a background suitable for some image subject which may not be available for apt usage. In such instance, you can use the clipping path services of ProImageExperts which specializes in this retouching to enable perfect path clipped to suitable point in the image for any object. These are minute detailing which must be taken care of when doing the image retouching. It’s not essential but definitely makes a difference for the viewer. Clipping path is basically the technique of changing the image back ground. It brings great change which nears the image to very ... Continue reading →

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