Lodge Shots

  • Year Established 2014
  • Contact Number 1 0837934863
  • Contact Number 2 0764946881
  • Address 26 Southey Street
  • Email lodgeshots@gmail.com

About Lodge Shots

I am a professional photographer currently based in the Eastern Cape. I have recently started up a new company, Lodge Shots, offering marketing photography for the hospitality industry.

My Photography Packages

Lodge Shots is a new company specialising in comprehensive photographic solutions for the hospitality industry. Our services include interior and exterior photography where we have a focus on the use of natural light to maintain a realistic yet creative depiction of lodges or hotels. Typically interior and exterior shoots take place at dawn and dusk, a little earlier and a little later than most other forms of photography. Food photography is another of our areas of expertise, one that we are particularly proud of. Photographs of food either help your or hurt you, there is no in between. If done badly they are off-putting and reflect poorly on your entire operation, if done well they can be a vital asset and lend a distinct air of class to your brand. We also photograph any activities on offer such as game drives, walks etc. I am an experienced wildlife photographer and photographic safari guide and use this experience to capture the essence of what it means to be on safari.

We live in a highly visual age where marketing campaigns, both online and in print, require a fluid and dynamic nature to keep track with rapidly developing trends and to establish or maintain your place as a modern industry leader. It is essential that marketing efforts are image-centric to stand out in the midst of all the other marketing campaigns that surround you on every media platform. It is widely accepted that the average viewer assigns photographs greater credibility than the written word. A photograph carries with it the assumption of truth, honesty and openness. It denotes a ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude which translates into the quality of your photographs having a direct and immediate influence on the perceived quality of your product.

I invite you to visit www.lodgeshots.com to see the quality of our work and what some of our clients have to say about us. You can also have a look at www.mikedexter.com for my wildlife photography portfolio.

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