Virtual Tours Photography

  • Year Established 2012
  • Contact Number 1 083 655 5462
  • Address 3 High Crest, Anna Smit Place, Northcliff

About Virtual Tours Photography

VENUE AND REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses, Wedding Venues, Conference Venues, Golf Clubs, Business Premises, Stadiums, Warehouses, Office Buildings, etc.

Photo Gallery

My Photography Packages

Still Photography and Video

  • Real Estate Photography
  • Venue Photography (Hotels, Guesthouses, Conference venues, Spas, Stadiums, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, etc.)
  • Warehousing Photography
  • Installation, Factory and Plant Photography
  • Panoramic 360 stills Photography
  • Interior and exterior architectural photography
  • Gardens and landscaping photography
  • Office Parks Photography
  • Any other location that would benefit from on-line marketing

360º Virtual Tours

We offer a range of interactive 360° virtual tours incorporating a rich variety of features in order to produce a personalised, high-quality presentation that works specifically for your business.

  • still photographs of your interior venues and bedrooms as well as exteriors and gardens.
  • single 360° panoramas – both inside and outside
  • comprehensive 360º virtual tours complete with custom-designed user interfaces
  • our individual and personal approach will ensure all your requirements are met.

The best tours need the best equipment!  We use only top of the range specialized professional photographic equipment and highly sophisticated virtual tour stitching and rendering software to provide you with the most advanced and up-to-date virtual tours available in the market today.  All of our tours are fully optimized to view at full screen in stunning high definition and clarity.

Whether your audience are limited in their technical knowledge or have grown with technology since birth, they will be able to navigate our tours due to their user-friendly navigation design. Furthermore, there are no special apps or downloads necessary in order to view our tours.

How We Work

To ensure that you, the Client,  has absolute confidence and is never left in the dark, Virtual Tours Photography has a defined and clear workflow process that we have refined over time.  We use this workflow with every virtual tour that we produce.

We follow a very similar process with our still photography projects and video productions.

arrow1Once you have made contact with us, we meet with you in person (or if that is not possible, we telephone you) to ensure that we fully understand your requirements.  We advise you how best to showcase your venue or property to ensure your 360° Virtual Tour optimizes your business and appeals to your potential customers.  Once you are comfortable with the options available, you decide on the parameters of the shoot.

arrow2Before the shoot, we provide you with a comprehensive brief to help you prepare your venue or property for the day of the shoot.  Depending on the size of your property, a photoshoot can take anywhere from one hour to a whole day.

arrow3Once the shoot is completed, we optimize and position the images before combining them into a seamless and immersive 360° virtual tour of your property – using state-of-the-art software.

arrow4We upload the tour to our servers and provide you with a link to the private live preview.  During your review and pending your approval, we will be available to address any questions or concerns you might have about your tour.

arrow5Once you have approved your virtual tour, we will provide you with a full “web-ready” package containing the full virtual tour including the code and images that make-up for your tour.  It is then over to your in-house IT people (or your outsourced IT support company) to publish the virtual tour on your website.  This is a fairly straight-forward process and we will always be there to assist, if necessary.





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