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We are Gauteng based Headshot Photographers. This is not a sideline job between shooting weddings, family portraits and fashion shoots. I focus on Headshots. Its what I love doing! I know how to take them, and I know what makes a great Headshot, and what makes a bad Headshot. I understand the importance of a great Headshot, and the difference between a Headshot, a portrait and a beauty shot! I’m Jason Worrall, and I originally founded The Headshot Guys, on the premise that everyone can look great on camera. Customized lighting and angles combined with a genuine expression can bring out the best and truest you. What I like to call, “You on your best day.” But through the years, I’ve learned that a headshot is not just about flattering angles, great cheekbones, and strong jawlines. A headshot is about inner emotion. It’s about true confidence in your own skin, owning who you are, and being proud to show it to the world. And many people don’t have that. We are always our own worst critic. So that is my new mission with The Headshot Guys! To help everyone who comes through this studio not only walk away with an awesome headshot, but to learn something new and gain confidence in their appearance. If you choose to work with me or one of my associate photographers, I promise that you’ll learn not only what angles and expressions work best for you on camera and why, but you’ll gain a new level of appreciation for your personal appearance so that next time, no matter who takes your headshots, you’ll love your photos.Your brand needs an image that represents just that. I want to collaborate with you to customize that brand so you can reach a whole new level of authenticity in your brand identity. I am here to redefine what it means to take a powerful headshot and/or portrait and deliver your authentic message.

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