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So let me give you an idea of what to expect.
  • For the lowest brackets, you can expect 10-20 images, and the higher, 50+ photographs. (All professionally retouched in Photoshop)
However, these are just numbers and i don't take photos just to meet a target number.  The idea is to market the property, and do it in the best way possible. I generally take every shot i think suitable, ranging from outside views, swimming pools, gardens, every internal bedroom, kitchen and living space. I also generally take multiple angles of each room. The number of photographs you receive is always the maximum the property has to offer. So, in saying that, you generally receive more photographs when the property is larger in size.
Aerial Footage / Photography
Also, i forgot to mention in my pricing, that i can also supply aerial photographs for your high end properties, that you feel needs some unique exposure, or too highlight special aspects of the property. 
This is generally for properties over R5m, but can be supplied to project.
The pricing starts from R1000, dependent on if you require photography, videography, or both.
Another option would be Videography; Creating movie-like advertisements which i film & edit into a short 2-5min clip. These sorts of video's are perfect for social media and websites. 
If you have a large over-seas based clientele, the probability of them flying over to view the property is low. Therefore having a visual marketing strategy is extremely beneficial. 
The video pricing starts from R2000.
For the right property you may be interested in my Top Tiered package.
This would include.
  • A 2-5 minute video showcasing the property in full, using both Aerial footage and standard (High Definition) footage.
  • Aerial (4k Resolution!!!) Videography
  • Aerial (300dpi) Photography supplied as Print Ready & Wed ready JPG's
  • 50-100 High Resolution, Print Ready & Wed ready JPG's (All professionally retouched in Photoshop)
This package starts from R5000.
So in conclusion, 
I only need 1 or 2 days notice to book the service, however if you can give me more, that would be handy! :)
Aerial work is reliant on the weather mostly, however summer is on it's way!
All photographs are supplied as website compatible jpg's, and 300dpi print ready jpg's. However i can supply the files in any format / style and dimension either yourself, your client, your webmaster or your printers require. 
And the outcome of the shoot you ask? Well, i can only direct you to some of my previous work and state that you will receive the same quality / style as every property shoot i take on. 
Here is my new website :
Scroll down and you should see some property photographs, as well as the rest of my portfolio & browse through the rest of the site to see other services.
Here is also my facebook page : There are some recent property photographs there :)
If there is anything else you would like to know, ask away :)

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