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Cost Of Doing Business (CODB) – What should I be charging for my photography?
Article Summary: Cost Of Doing Business (CODB) for photographers 
What should I be charging for my photography?
What should I be charging for my photography? A question I frequently see raising itself on forums and in conversation. This applies whether you are a hobbyist, seasoned veteran or about to get your first paying job (high five if this is you).  Now there are many thoughts around the subject of pricing and while all have different approaches, one thing remains the same… You NEED to know your Cost Of Doing Business (CODB). Simple, isn’t it? Well, we need to delve deep to ensure that you have all the correct information you need to accurately calculate your Cost Of Doing Business.
What if I told you, what you are charging is probably not enough? To show you this, I need to go back to the foundation so that we can build the walls correctly. How did you get the price you are currently charging? Did a ton of research? Thumb suck? Guestimate? Looked at a bunch of ...


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