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New Tips for restoring old photographs with Photo Restoration Services

New Tips for restoring old photographs with Photo Restoration Services

by proimage experts on Nov 5, 2014

Images and Pictures may not last forever in terms of quality. Scratches, stains, cracks may develop on them overtime due to dust, dirt, moisture and constant exposure to undesired surroundings. Many people may not want to re-develop the old pictures again and think or excessive spending over it. Well, if your thoughts too are the same then rethink over it as the latest Photo Restoration Services has made many heads turn around after the services are actually practiced on the images. With spectacular results delivered, made many people believe in the art of restoration. Further the evolution of stock photography has made the old stuff sellable today if presented well with the online photo color restoration services. When the images are restored mainly in terms of color, half of the job is done since the brightness level of the image makes it come alive. When the black and white to sepia, black and white to color services are practiced on any image, then output can be in sepia or only ... Continue reading →


Insights on Stock Photography-Must for you

by proimage experts on Nov 26, 2014

  If you were supposed to ask any photographer, if they actually considered their work as any art form most of them would agree for it. Photography is an art form which is further broken down into respective categories like other art forms. There’s formal photography, documentary, Photojournalism are few to name among popular categories. A common photography form which many people encounter daily is the stock photography. If you drive down the road or eat for lunch at the favorite restaurant then you must have surely come across stock photography. Stock image photography is basically the storage banks for images which are available for the public as well as advertising agencies, graphic designers, businesses and else that requires the use. These groups often use the stock photos to reduce the costs and save time, associated for hiring photographers and paying for photos. Such photos are taken by any professional which are catalog stored for all purchases. The initial ... Continue reading →


Wedding Time Schedule

by David Higgs on Feb 26, 2015

Exampled Time wedding for a 16:00 Wedding. 08:00 am  Wake up and enjoy God's gift of this special day.  Spent time with Him                 Eat some breakfast and listen to your favourite music.   09:00 Complete your packaging for the various activities througout the day.... Brides and wax: You may be able to...... Continue reading →


Ultimate Cheat sheet for Photography Lighting

by Louis Schoeman on Oct 28, 2015

The Ultimate guide to getting your photography lighting spot on every time.  Continue reading →



by Christopher John Parry on May 2, 2016

Planning your wedding can be a daunting challenge as a understatement! Everyone has a wealth of knowledge and advice for the prospective Bride and Groom; and all these opinions and suggestions can become overwhelming.   Reminds me of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”     At Christopher Parry Photography we have years of experience in photographing weddings all round the world and at sea.   Wedding Photographers have a great understanding of the wedding day; equal to wedding coordinators. 90% of the time during the day you are relying on your photographer to guide and assist you.   One of the main factors to discuss with you photographer is the timeline, to ensure enough time for your portraits – what we were hired for. The timeline is ultimately up to you, however we highly recommend discussing the timeline with your photographer to see what works for all parties involved.   Many different types and styles of weddings today 1st look ... Continue reading →



by Christopher John Parry on May 2, 2016

Today I thought I’d give you some tips when it comes to choosing the right photographer for you, especially for your wedding. Choosing your photographer is one of the most important aspects of your wedding planning. You will be relying on him or her to capture the entire atmosphere and all the many details of your wedding – a day which can never be repeated. Scotland Wedding Christopher Parry Photography In my opinion, I believe there are 4 main factors to keep in mind when “shopping around” for your perfect Wedding photographer:   Reputation Advertising Cost Your Instinct   Reputation   Ask friends and family, particularly newly-weds for recommendations. A photographer’s reputation for delivery is usually a good indication of ability.   Advertising   Research magazines and websites to find your photographer. Photographers with a higher profile will have their work published in magazines.   Cost   As with most things, ... Continue reading →


Jolian's Photography

by Liana Lues on Jan 24, 2017

one of the lovely weddings we done in 2016 We just LOVE doing weddings.... Continue reading →

Headshot Photographer

Headshot Photographer

by Jacques du Toit on Feb 12, 2017

Jacques du Toit, jrdutoit photography. Professional commercial headshot photographer, South Africa. Headshot photographs are important for numerous reasons, the main being the internet, broadly speaking, everything is online, social media, websites, etc. it is important to have a professional photo for company websites and display yourself as a professional for the world to see. Because first impressions do matter and in most cases, profile photos on social media and websites are your first impression. I have on numerous occasions had requests to edit holiday photos for a business headshot photo or profile photo. And on each occassion I have had to decline, the reason being, the importance of the photo. It is not just a photo to show that you are there, it is not a photo to show that you are on holiday, it is not a photo to show your cat or any of the other literally hundreds of reasons I have discussed with clients. The main reason is this, if it is your business profile, do you want ... Continue reading →

Now you can advertise on

Now you can advertise on

by Louis Schoeman on Jun 5, 2017

We at are making it possible you as a photographer to advertise yourself on our platform. As stated in our previous newsletters, we are now making this possible for those who want to become premium members. Prerequisites are as follows: You have a website / landing-page / blog and are a fulltime professional photographer / videographer. You will be listed on top in your area listing on our website with a premium status (you will receive a 5 star rating with VIP status). You will receive a new premium member widget which you can add on your website showing your status.  You can send us your blogs and articles you write to us and we will share it on our various platforms on your behalf giving you more exposure. You will also be given the opportunity to advertise your company on available advertising space allocated on our website. We understand that Premium members are also those who teach, give classes, lessons and tutorials. Being a professional in our ... Continue reading →

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread For Photographers - SA- Photographers.Com

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread For Photographers - SA- Photographers.Com

by Louis Schoeman on Nov 7, 2017

We have been busy with a total restructuring of our website and our entire member listing, a feat wh Continue reading →