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Now you can advertise on

by Louis Schoeman on Jun 5, 2017

We at are making it possible you as a photographer to advertise yourself on our platform. As stated in our previous newsletters, we are now making this possible for those who want to become premium members. Prerequisites are as follows:

You have a website / landing-page / blog and are a fulltime professional photographer / videographer. You will be listed on top in your area listing on our website with a premium status (you will receive a 5 star rating with VIP status).

You will receive a new premium member widget which you can add on your website showing your status.  You can send us your blogs and articles you write to us and we will share it on our various platforms on your behalf giving you more exposure. You will also be given the opportunity to advertise your company on available advertising space allocated on our website. We understand that Premium members are also those who teach, give classes, lessons and tutorials. Being a professional in our industry you understand workflow, correct editing techniques.

If you give classes inform us regarding class dates and times and we will email this information to all of our members around the country and neighbouring countries on your behalf.  If you live stream, send us the dates and times you wish to do so and times and we will share your live streams and feeds on all of our platforms, enabling all of us interact and learn from you.                                                                                                      
* Members who wish to become listed as premium members, your portfolio will be screened by our team as well as other professional photographers based all around the country, who‘ve been in this industry for years. This membership is available through a yearly subscription fee of R1200-00 per year.

* We have also opened up tenders for suppliers who wish to advertise on our website. Suppliers who advertise with us will be advertised on our newsletters and various forums and platforms. 

Email us at for more info, or contact our team manager Warren Akerman on (+27) 73 388 1970 for more info.

Exciting times indeed.


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