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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread For Photographers - SA- Photographers.Com

by Louis Schoeman on Nov 7, 2017

We have been busy with a total restructuring of our website and our entire member listing, a feat which has taken us over three months to complete. receives in excess of over 15 000 hits per month. We have now taken it upon ourselves to help beginners, intermediates and the full-time professionals.  


Below is a breakdown of the new way in which we will be structuring our platform.        

We realize that there are different levels of photographers. We all started out as beginners learning from others, learning about our equipment, learning about various shooting modes other than auto, learning from our mentors.

Our concept is to implement a platform which is more beneficial giving those who we can learn from more access to our network. We be creating a place where ALL our members can buy and selltheir unwanted / used gear. This section will also only be available and visible to ALL our registered members.Our VIP members can grow their business, taking advantage of the opportunity to impart their knowledge to other members.


Beginner members: You have a facebook page; you do not have a website/ landing page / blog yet.  

You are still getting to know your camera. You are new to photography and you want to learn the tools of your trade and go for classes. Our other members who have websites get widgets which they add to their websites showing that they are members of Instead of doing this all you need to do is add the link to the Impressum section which is found in the About section of your business Facebook page and email us a screenshot / the link of your Facebook page to . Subject of email, “Facebook page verification.”           

Once you have decided to market yourself professionally using a website / landing page/ blog and you feel confident in your skills with your equipment you can move up to the next level which will not only professionally open many more doors for you in the business and marketing side of photography but also on our website. Beginner members will receive a one star rating. Once you have a website / landing page / blog contact us and we will assist you to receive more benefits as listed below.  

Intermediate members: You have a website / landing page / blog. 

As an intermediate member, you are given a special badge as shown below which must be added to your website.


 Just copy and past the entire code below which is in blue into your website:

<a href="">
  <img src="" alt="SA Photographers" style="width:300px;height:168px;border:0;">
</a><p>Verified <a href="">Photographer</a></p>  

Once you have pasted the badge onto your website send us proof of placement to  subject line of email “Website verification” so that your badge can be vetted by our team. Being an intermediate member and having your own website, we realize that you understand the business aspects of the photographic industry. This realization opens more doors for you not only in the photographic industry but also on our website. We in turn will help you. You be put on our data base and will also be made aware of photographic work when our clients contact us.

Premium VIP members: You have a website / landing-page / blog and are a fulltime professional who wants to be advertised on our platform. 

Our Premium VIP members will be able to choose from four different badges as seen below, we will forward you the code to be used to embed your desired badge, once you become a VIP member.


Premium VIP Members receive MORE benefits:

VIP members are contacted first when we get requests from our clients for work to be done. To keep things fair this will be subject to a limited time frame. Once that timeframe has lapsed we will then advertise the available job on our media platforms to our other members, as normal. But our VIP members will be contacted FIRST.

* As a VIP member, when you blog about your work, send us the the link and we will add it to our website and other platforms. This will enable us to give you more exposure, and it gives others a chance to LEARN something and, in turn, bring our community closer together.

* We will be creating a section where VIP’s can administrate. This section will allow all our members to post questions which our VIP’s will have the opportunity to answer. A place where those ‘in the know’, who have been in our industry for years, can answer and help us. ALL our registered members will have access to this section.

* We will be creating a page which will specifically showcase and advertise our VIP members in each province. Each VIP member's link will be clickable and once clicked on, the user will be redirected directly to that specific VIP members website further showcasing and advertising you and your portfolio.

* VIP members will be interviewed by us.

* VIP members receive discounted rate should they require advertising space on our website, which receives well over 15 000 hits per month.

* The VIP membership will be available through an annual subscription fee.

Feel free to contact us at for more information regarding becoming a Premium Member and the costs involved.

The best way forward is by ensuring cross pollination, enabling us to grow, support, constantly learn from and motivate one another to become better at what we do.

SA-Photographers is proud to be the foundation and the platform where this takes place. 

Thanks for your time, have a wonderful November

Kind regards,
Warren Akerman 
Team Manager 



SA-Photographers “By photographers for Photographers.”

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