by Renphotos on Aug 22, 2018

Why You need to use a professional wedding photographer

Too often these days I get couple coming to me after their wedding and saying they wish they had used a professional photographer for their wedding day. Its also difficult to distinguish who is actually a pro in todays market which is a little saturated as there are many people out there claiming to be professional but who in fact may just have the equipment. Trust me you need a professional. Especially for a wedding. This is a high pressure job with no second chances. Its not like you can go back the next day and redo it. So before you go and choose the cheapest option with as many frills as possible with different edits and books and canvasses to make it look more attractive make sure you are 100 percent happy with the work they are producing first. Have a look at an entire wedding shoot. This is after all what you are paying for. Are you happy with the quality of ALL of the photos? Did they capture eveything you would want captured? These are the questons you should be asking . Books and canvasses can be done at a later stage if necessary but the raw material can not be changed. Weddings are expensive i know. But a pro knows that an 8 hour wedding is around 60 hours work at the end of the day. Just keep that in mind. happy hunting. 



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