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by Thabang on Jan 22, 2020

The collapse of wedding Photography.

Let's face the facts. Planning and paying for a wedding in this harsh economy is not a child's play, Not only is it a daunting task, It is pretty scary too. Couples might have to cut off their budget but only to realize that they have gone over the budget. Unfortunately, wedding photography is always at the top of the list should they decide to cut costs. Couples don't understand the importance of wedding photography. Many See professional wedding photography as a luxury and they believe that they can do with photos taken by uncle x because he offered that as a wedding gift. But there is a question that needs to be asked, Do the couples eliminate professional wedding photography after serious consideration of the consequences?

Look at it this way. Once your guests have finished eating and they have gone home, Your beautiful dress will be packed away. They might even be probably deleting photos from their phones because the storage will be full. The flowers will dry out, and the invitations will be discarded. The last crumbs of the cake will be long eaten.  By that time you will be back from your honeymoon. This will be the best time to relax and go through the photos just to relive that moment, OOPs there are no photos because uncle X Enjoyed himself in the wedding and misplaced his camera, or even better he still has the photos but they are not pleasant to look at. would you be disappointed?

Will you be so disappointed and angry at uncle X because he didn't capture the exchange of rings or the cutting of the cake. No please don't be disappointed because uncle x never said he would do everything you wanted, he promised you photos and that's it. That will be the hardest lesson you will never want to learn.

Let's take it back If you had cut off other things, like the liquor, Booking the entire hotel for your guests, and went ahead with professional wedding photography you would have used this time to go through the professional photos to relive the moment. Reality is you will never be able to recreate that special moment. But with the photos, you can call your family again and share with them those special moments that you heard.

Now you went to the moon and back to plan a spectacular wedding but you have nothing to show for it. Eliminating the professional wedding photography to save money is not a good decision. None the less you will spend the rest of your life filled with regret.

word of advice.

Make the choice, if you have to cut off your budget never cut off Professional photography because after all is said and done that's all you will be left with. 

Never prioritize on anybody else but your self and your spouse because it is your day. As much as you want to keep your guests happy remember you come first. For more articles on advising you can always check out our blog or fill in the contact form and request to receive our newsletters that will help you plan your day properly. 

Article by Thabang Mnculwane ( Co-founder ) of TC productions South Africa

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