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by Christopher John Parry on May 2, 2016

Planning your wedding can be a daunting challenge as a understatement! Everyone has a wealth of knowledge and advice for the prospective Bride and Groom; and all these opinions and suggestions can become overwhelming.


Reminds me of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”




At Christopher Parry Photography we have years of experience in photographing weddings all round the world and at sea.


Wedding Photographers have a great understanding of the wedding day; equal to wedding coordinators. 90% of the time during the day you are relying on your photographer to guide and assist you.


One of the main factors to discuss with you photographer is the timeline, to ensure enough time for your portraits – what we were hired for. The timeline is ultimately up to you, however we highly recommend discussing the timeline with your photographer to see what works for all parties involved.


Many different types and styles of weddings today

  • 1st look
  • Unplugged


We will go into more detail on these different aspects of wedding theme and instructions in a later post.


In this guide we discuss General Tips, Tips for the Bride, Family Photos, Guest Etiquette & The Timeline.


These are general tips and are not set in stone, but they are highly recommended by Christopher Parry Photography and most other Professional Wedding Photographers worldwide.


Please feel free to review the following pages and/ or download the guide to keep for your own reference.



Thank you and Rock On!

Chris Parry

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