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Headshot Photographer

by Jacques du Toit on Feb 12, 2017

Jacques du Toit, jrdutoit photography.

Professional commercial headshot photographer, South Africa.

Headshot photographs are important for numerous reasons, the main being the internet, broadly speaking, everything is online, social media, websites, etc. it is important to have a professional photo for company websites and display yourself as a professional for the world to see. Because first impressions do matter and in most cases, profile photos on social media and websites are your first impression.

I have on numerous occasions had requests to edit holiday photos for a business headshot photo or profile photo. And on each occassion I have had to decline, the reason being, the importance of the photo. It is not just a photo to show that you are there, it is not a photo to show that you are on holiday, it is not a photo to show your cat or any of the other literally hundreds of reasons I have discussed with clients. The main reason is this, if it is your business profile, do you want to look like a professional business person? If you were to look at someone elses business and you see a holiday snap, what do you think of that business? Do you think oh look they must be professionals or do you look and wonder about their holiday?

This is why it is important to have the right photo to represent you. You need to look like a professional doing business, nothing wrong with going on holidays, but when it comes to work, you need to look like you will be giving your clients what they want and not look like someone who is wondering about their next day off.

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