Two Wong's don't make a right!

by Louis Schoeman on Feb 13, 2017

We have ALL watched Digitalrev TV at some point (If you didn’t it’s time you watched it on Youtube).

They had their own antics of getting their message across when they reviewed new equipment and products, or interviewed other photographers. They did had a segment called “Pro tog, Cheap camera” challenge. They would give world renowned photographers, cheap and when we say cheap we’re talking about those HORRIBLE point and shoot jobbies, we’re talking about the kind of camera you would gladly give to someone you don’t like kind of camera here!

We have recently been getting a lot of questions pertaining to stock and stock requirements this past month. The one important message we would like to hammer home is, yes equipment is important, but equipment is NOT going to help you when it comes to talent, tenacity, thinking out of the box. Neither will it help you with the persistence and determination required during a shoot or your career or our industry. Our advice is to ASK as many people as you can when asking questions with regards to equipment. Don’t rush into anything that you will regret later on. But always remember this: The paint bush does NOT make the artist, the stove does not make the cook and in our industry the equipment will not magically turn you into a better photographer. It’s still comes down to hard work, thinking on your feet, very stop learning, being persistent and having fun.

We thought we would add a link worth watching. It's one of the "Pro tog, Cheap Camera" challenges with Benjamin Von Wong  It will open your eyes. It’s very informative, showing a bit of behind the scenes antics. It shows that it still comes down to raw talent and tenacity, no matter your equipment Above all it shows that when things start going south quickly, the best thing is to stay positive, keep your spirits up,push through no matter what and HAVE FUN.

Enjoy !!  

WATCH HERE: Benjamin Von Wong "Pro tog, Cheap camera" challenge

Article written by Warren Akerman


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