Hard Work Always Pays Off

by Colene Fourie on Sep 22, 2017

People often contact me and ask for prices which I always gladly supply.  What is amazing though is that many of them will often turn to someone cheaper.

In the beginning it was hard for me to understand why people will do that as I know that I put in so much effort en I provide supreme quality.  

Nowadays, I don't get upset anymore.  I know and believe that my work is of a very high standard.  I don't say those who provide cheaper prices are not providing a good service.  I just know that my services stretch beyond just doing photography.  

I make you see the beauty of you through the lens of my camera.

Thanks for this platform where I can just ramble off some random thoughts every now and then.

Today is going to be a matriculation shoot day!


Lets get started

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