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Wow! Time is not on my side!

by Colene Fourie on Apr 11, 2019

Wow, I posted in 2017 here the last time!  I can't believe time has gone by so fast!  I am really trying to keep everything updated.  

My husband calls me a Facebook addict.  Many of my photos are shared on social media and I guess, this platform was simply forgotton!

I will try to do more postings in 2019!  

Let me start by sharing one of my latests shoots! 

This adorable little baby was one of my last baby guests!  Her mom and dad just loved the shoot!

Ndebele WeddingI had the previledge to take photos of this awesome traditional Ndebele wedding!  It was such a nice experience! 

I will share a bit more of my shoots with a next post!

To contact me, WhatsApp me at 082 772 9914 or e-mail me at!

Lets get started

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