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by Eyeconic Photography on Apr 11, 2019


I have been a pro photographer for close on 20 years. And I never tire of it. I never lose the excitement of getting into my car or going for a walk - with my camera with me - just in case I see something to shoot.

There have been a myriad of articles about always keeping your camera with you and all of them are true. Unless you are shooting, you are missing shots. Such as the one included in this article.

I was on a trip to Johannesburg and my camera was where it mostly is on road trips - on the back seat, out of the bag, waiting to be grabbed. Strethcing ahead of me was the freeway and to the right, maize fields. Stormy sky in the distance and a bush fire joining the clouds on the horison. Perfect shot.

I stopped, assessed the view, turned around and drove about half a kilo back up the road. Happy with the field of view, I got out and started taking a couple of shots - when bam! Lightning struck between the storm clouds.

Probably one of my favourite shots of all time and the only reason I got it was because I had my camera with me and I was prepared to shoot whenever I felt the mood grab me. A moment I would never of captured if the camera was in the boot with my other luggage. A scene I could never share with thousands unless I lived with a mindset of seeing opportunities and shooting them - constantly.

I will share again on my key reasons for recommending you keep your camera with you as much as possible but for now it is simply this - so you can capture moments you will never see again.


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