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Laura Leigh Photography - Paige & Rev Hartford House, Midlands

by Laura Leigh on Mar 11, 2015

Laura Leigh wrote:

“When I first met Paige and Rev and they told me they were getting married at Hartford House I was over the moon as this is one of my favorite venues. . It is the most beautiful venue on a stud farm, and you feel as though you are in the middle of no where! It is pure bliss, especially if you love horses! Besides from the magnificent venue I was so excited to photograph this couple – I mean look at them!? I don’t think one can take a bad pic of these two!”

“Their special day was definitely blessed for so many reasons! They were having an outdoor ceremony, but because it was raining cats and dogs the coordinator made the call that we would have to move it inside. The staff moved everything into the chapel and then all of a sudden the rain stopped and we had clear skys, so everything was moved back outside. It is so special as the outdoor ceremony is surrounded by Cherry Blossoms which was Paige’s granny’s favourite”.

“Their couple shoot has to be my all time best! Paige is also horse mad and we really wanted pictures with the horses, so we drove around the different paddocks to try and get in, but they were all locked so I asked them to climb over the fence (including Paige in her wedding dress!!!) and boy was that worth it!! The pictures we got from having over 50 horses surrounding us was magical! It was also the perfect opportunity to just unwind and just be in the moment and reflect on what the day was all about. Within 30 seconds of finishing our shoot the heavens opened up again and it started pouring!!”

“Thank you Rev and Paige for picking me to be your wedding photographer! Thank you for trusting me 100% and letting me do my thing J. Thank you Andre La Coq once again”.

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