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Anneke and Heinrich Florence Guest Farm

by Laura Leigh on Mar 23, 2015

Laura Leigh wrote:

“I was so excited to photograph Anneke & Heinrich’s wedding at Florence Guest Farm. Not only is Florence Guest Farm one of my favourite venues, but this couple is drop dead gorgeous to say the very least! When I met with them the first time we just connected so well, and I knew this was going to be a wedding I would never forget.

When I arrived at the venue on Friday and saw all the decor they had made I felt as thought I had stepped into Pinterest. Anneke had made everything herself,including most of the decor and flowers, she even made her mom and bridesmaids handbags!! So much detail and effort went into this wedding, I was blown away! Thankfully she had wonderful bridesmaids and family members who helped out a lot.

Anneke is so creative and has such impeccable taste that I have no doubt she will be a huge success in her new venture as interior decorator! Heinrich used to be a professional 1500m runner for SA, so we had tons in common and it was so nice chatting about our running careers in the good old days! His best man is still competing for SA in the 1500m so keep an eye out for him.

2 hours before the ceremony they did a first look to a song they loved called “Now they are free” by Hanz Zimmer and Enya. It was so beautiful and emotional and I was glad I was able to hide my tears behind my camera.

I have to admit that I don’t think I have ever had such an easy job photographing a couple before. They are so amazing in front of the camera and such a pleasure to photograph!

Another highlight of the wedding is that Anneke’s 100 year old granny was there. How amazing is that!?

We did Anneke’s boudoir shoot at Florence Guest Farm on the Friday afternoon which was breathtaking! Here is the link to thatshoot >

Anneke & Heinrich thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your special day! I loved getting to know you guys and working with you was such a pleasure! Can we do it all over again? It was just so much fun!! ;)”

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