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Chantelle and Nicky Wedding at Memoire

by Laura Leigh on Apr 22, 2015

On a very overcast day in Gauteng a radiant and positively glowing couple got married at Memoire. I heard from other photographers that on this day it rained at all their weddings in and around the area. Although the clouds were on top of us it only started to rain once we stepped foot inside the reception. #blessed.

So much effort went into creating such a gorgeous wedding. I loved their colour scheme of grey, blush pink, white and green accents. A highlight for me were the hand made hot water bottle wedding favours.The theme of this, as well as the gifts for the men which were chilli bites was ” Die Liefde is warm”. How cute is that?! Chantelle’s garter was also exquisite and was made by one of her bridesmaids.

Another highlight (there were so many) was when Nicky sang a song he wrote for Chantelle. It was gorgeous and filled with so much emotion!

These two were such a joy to photograph, not only are they both absolutely gorgeous, they are also one of the nicest, easy going couples ever! I can’t wait to do their post wedding shoot next month. Stay tuned, as it is going to be fabulous! I have ordered lots of sun and no clouds for this one :

Thank you to Wesley Poon for assisting me, and taking all the decor shots. It was so great working with you!

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