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Patenorstor Sunset Wedding | Charl and Amy

by Brett Nattrass on Apr 11, 2016

Not everyone really understands what a day the photographer has at a wedding, call it work, call it long hours – I call it an honour. Well, at least this last wedding of mine was an absolute honour. You may ask why this wedding? Well, firstly the bride and the groom are great friends, secondly their family are very close to mine for various reasons. The main reason being the fact that John, Amy’s father married my beautiful wife and me 10 years ago this year. He also welcomed my son into the church and he also stood by me when I was in a serious accident. These are qualities of a friendship for life and this friendship extends to the whole family!

Being with this amazing family on their daughters wedding day was probably the most amazing feeling for me, I thank you all for the opportunity and the privilege. Congratulations Charl and Amy, you two are amazing and I hope the memories of that first sunset will last forever! I will most definitely remember it for ever!

Well done to Gelukkie – what an amazing venue and setting.

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