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by Louis Schoeman on May 22, 2017

Hi Members,

As you may or may not know, Warren Akerman who is our team manager also gives photography classes and workshops. He has kindly put together a 60 page Ebook, entitled "FREE Photography Training Course". It is the first of many that he is writting. He has seen that there is a huge need for easily understood informative reading material. The only way we can get to help our industry is by helping those around us with information and knowledge.

This short Ebook, explains ISO, Apperture and Shutter, the building blocks of our photography IRRESPECTIVE the camera brand/model.

The free 60 page Ebook can be downloaded HEREĀ 

Special thanks to Warren for making this ebook available to our members

Let him know what you think of his first Ebook,

Happy reading and Enjoy

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