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Derek Whitton Photo

Derek Whitton Photo

by Derek Whitton on Jul 11, 2018

100 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners  (70 + 30 extra)  We are in an age where it has never been easier and more cost-effective to begin your exciting journey as a photographer. Dark rooms and waiting hours if not days for your photographs are long gone and that means you can start having fun right now. With all of these hurdles removed the only thing left to think about is how to take awesome photos. I’ve put together a list of 100 essential photography tips for beginner photographers. Stick around to the end, I have 30 real tips from so many different photographers, some funny, some serious and some that ring profoundly true.   70 Photography tips   Nail your focus, then frame your image An out of focus image has one place, the recycle bin, framing can always be fixed later if need be. Eyes must be in focus, always! When photographing people, animals, and even those little creepy crawlies, always focus on the eyes, if the subject is at an angle, ... Continue reading →

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FUJIFILM and Kloppers Bloemfontein

FUJIFILM and Kloppers Bloemfontein

by Louis Schoeman on Jul 17, 2018

FUJIFILMEXPERIENCE - Bloemfontein Free Photographic Open Day Continue reading →

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SA-Photographers Pty Ltd

SA-Photographers Pty Ltd

by Louis Schoeman on Jul 31, 2018

PHOTOGRAPHER REQUIRED: Event: Science Fair, held in Springbok Date: 3rd August 2018   Registered members interested, send an email to , subject Line to be used "Science Fair" and we will forward you the clients details.   Many thanks TEAM     Continue reading →

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