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Chantelle and Nicky Wedding at Memoire

Chantelle and Nicky Wedding at Memoire

by Laura Leigh on Apr 22, 2015

On a very overcast day in Gauteng a radiant and positively glowing couple got married at Memoire. I heard from other photographers that on this day it rained at all their weddings in and around the area. Although the clouds were on top of us it only started to rain once we stepped foot inside the reception. #blessed. So much effort went into creating such a gorgeous wedding. I loved their colour scheme of grey, blush pink, white and green accents. A highlight for me were the hand made hot water bottle wedding favours.The theme of this, as well as the gifts for the men which were chilli bites was ” Die Liefde is warm”. How cute is that?! Chantelle’s garter was also exquisite and was made by one of her bridesmaids. Another highlight (there were so many) was when Nicky sang a song he wrote for Chantelle. It was gorgeous and filled with so much emotion! These two were such a joy to photograph, not only are they both absolutely gorgeous, they are also one of the nicest, ... Continue reading →

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Leande and Martin Cow Shed Wedding

Leande and Martin Cow Shed Wedding

by Laura Leigh on Apr 6, 2015

This was my first time shooting at the Cow Shed in Lydenburg and it did not disappoint! I love the wide open spaces, the farm feel and the stunning backdrop of mountains! Their decor and colour scheme was so fitting for this venue with the bright reds and yellows. I also loved the pomegranates on the side of the aisle and in the buckets around the venue. The ceremony was so beautiful, even though I can’t understand Afrikaans I felt the emotion and the message the pastor delivered. Another highlight for me was when Leande sang to Martin during the reception. She has the most beautiful voice and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. The dance moves at this wedding was also some of the best I have ever seen. Leande and Martin are such a perfect match and I have no doubt this will last forever. Thank you so much for picking me to photograph your special day. I loved getting to know you, and photographing you two was such a pleasure! Thank you Lenton Kapp for ... Continue reading →

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Peter Scott Photography Cape Town

Peter Scott Photography Cape Town

by Peter Scott Photography on Apr 3, 2016

Take a look at some our work here and if you like what you see, contact us so that we can do the same for you at a price that will suprise you. Our Wedding Packages start from R3500.00 Our photographic services include: Weddings, Couples & Engagements, Matrics, Schools, Fashion & Modeling Property, Corporate, 21st's & Birthday Parties To see more of our work, go to our website: www.peterscottphotography.co.za  Continue reading →

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Cheralyn and Ernst Engagement Shoot

Cheralyn and Ernst Engagement Shoot

by Nedine on Jun 3, 2014

It’s three weeks before the big day for Cheralyn and Ernst. The decided to work in a quick engagement photo shoot. Cheralyn needed a few photos for the wedding reception. I once again realized how important an engagement photo shoot is.  Read my full blog here Continue reading →

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When backgrounds turn beautiful with clipping path services

by proimage experts on Dec 25, 2014

                  When we talk about an image, it not only refers to the object of the people who are the principle subject of the picture, rather background is the next key component which gives great attraction appeal when fused with suitable images to convey the necessary message, desired to the target audience. With plenty of media collection online, you may find a background suitable for some image subject which may not be available for apt usage. In such instance, you can use the clipping path services of ProImageExperts which specializes in this retouching to enable perfect path clipped to suitable point in the image for any object. These are minute detailing which must be taken care of when doing the image retouching. It’s not essential but definitely makes a difference for the viewer. Clipping path is basically the technique of changing the image back ground. It brings great change which nears the image to very ... Continue reading →

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Laura Leigh Photography - Paige & Rev Hartford House, Midlands

Laura Leigh Photography - Paige & Rev Hartford House, Midlands

by Laura Leigh on Mar 11, 2015

Laura Leigh wrote: “When I first met Paige and Rev and they told me they were getting married at Hartford House I was over the moon as this is one of my favorite venues. . It is the most beautiful venue on a stud farm, and you feel as though you are in the middle of no where! It is pure bliss, especially if you love horses! Besides from the magnificent venue I was so excited to photograph this couple – I mean look at them!? I don’t think one can take a bad pic of these two!” “Their special day was definitely blessed for so many reasons! They were having an outdoor ceremony, but because it was raining cats and dogs the coordinator made the call that we would have to move it inside. The staff moved everything into the chapel and then all of a sudden the rain stopped and we had clear skys, so everything was moved back outside. It is so special as the outdoor ceremony is surrounded by Cherry Blossoms which was Paige’s granny’s favourite”. ... Continue reading →

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Two Wong's don't make a right!

Two Wong's don't make a right!

by Louis Schoeman on Feb 13, 2017

We have ALL watched Digitalrev TV at some point (If you didn’t it’s time you watched it on Youtube). They had their own antics of getting their message across when they reviewed new equipment and products, or interviewed other photographers. They did had a segment called “Pro tog, Cheap camera” challenge. They would give world renowned photographers, cheap and when we say cheap we’re talking about those HORRIBLE point and shoot jobbies, we’re talking about the kind of camera you would gladly give to someone you don’t like kind of camera here! We have recently been getting a lot of questions pertaining to stock and stock requirements this past month. The one important message we would like to hammer home is, yes equipment is important, but equipment is NOT going to help you when it comes to talent, tenacity, thinking out of the box. Neither will it help you with the persistence and determination required during a shoot or your career or our ... Continue reading →

HDR Photo Editing Services

by proimage experts on Nov 10, 2014

Real Estate Interior Photography Services enables the home owners to present their property to the customers in most desired way, such that flaws are hidden yet the reality of the place is projected vividly. The main objective of this photography is to capture the clearly visible pictures of the property. Later these images go in for processing like the editing and retouching wherein the imperfections of an image like color balancing, brightness, exposure levels, viewing angles are modified to perceive the best picture quality for all real estate buyers. To put in simple words, Real-estate Enhancements improve the quality of an image drastically to swing up the value of the property. Today many property sellers and vendors display different properties for sale and rent at various online platforms, wherein viewers check the images and specifications to strike the deal. Hence, it is extremely important to get real-estate enhancements done in order to sell the properties at good price. ... Continue reading →

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by Christopher John Parry on May 2, 2016

Planning your wedding can be a daunting challenge as a understatement! Everyone has a wealth of knowledge and advice for the prospective Bride and Groom; and all these opinions and suggestions can become overwhelming.   Reminds me of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”     At Christopher Parry Photography we have years of experience in photographing weddings all round the world and at sea.   Wedding Photographers have a great understanding of the wedding day; equal to wedding coordinators. 90% of the time during the day you are relying on your photographer to guide and assist you.   One of the main factors to discuss with you photographer is the timeline, to ensure enough time for your portraits – what we were hired for. The timeline is ultimately up to you, however we highly recommend discussing the timeline with your photographer to see what works for all parties involved.   Many different types and styles of weddings today 1st look ... Continue reading →

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Merike and Marcel Val De Vie

Merike and Marcel Val De Vie

by Laura Leigh on Mar 24, 2015

There are just no words to describe how absolutely magnificent Marcel & Merike’s wedding was at the gorgeous venue at Val De Vie. Firstly, shooting at Val De Vie is a photographers dream having a white canvas, big open spaces, polo fields and horses. Then to add the stunning decor and flowers from N Concepts and Design just finished it off perfectly. It had such a soft, romantic and timeless feel. Marcel & Merike are the most wonderful people, who I met for the first time during a fun night out at Caprice in Cape Town, and we just hit it off. Merike is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever met with the prettiest smile, and she is such a beautiful soul! Marcel is a Springbok rugby player and also plays for the Bulls, but has a real soft side to him. They make the perfect couple! I loved working with all the wonderful suppliers at this wedding! Thank you Marcel & Merike for choosing me to photograph your magnificent wedding. I feel so blessed to have shared this ... Continue reading →

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