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Picturesque Photography

  • Year Established 2004

About Picturesque Photography

Hi! I am Pieter! Photography and our Family is our passion! I am a dad to a beautiful young girl, Morgan and a dashing young boy, Joshua. My family flames the love, drive and passion in everything I do including photography. My Wife is my co-pilot, assistant (or not) 2nd shooter and my best friend! And makes me hold her light for shoots whenever suits her. I am full of DAD JOKES and will keep you entertained for the entire shoot! :) I am from Helderkruin Roodepoort…. BUT I travel all over! I have been playing around with a camera for 5 years and still learn with every shoot. I believe that everyone should have beautiful photos of themselves, their families and special events that take place in their lives, no matter their financial status. I am the Chatbot at Camerastuff where I am blessed everyday with working and helping photographers in their careers. I have Presented several workshops. Learning new tricks and getting to play with the newest gadgets in the market is just one of the awesome perks. My biggest passion is to photograph buildings and events.

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