Photograph Children a quick guide

How to Photograph Children – A Quick Need to Know guide!

how to photograph children

When you ask brand new photographers how to photograph children, their answer will most likely be “the same as any other portfolio shoot?”. O no my friends, there is nothing normal, easy or similar when it comes to babies, toddlers and tweens in front of your lens. Most adults will gladly follow a photographers directions whilst kids are more likely to follow themselves and what ever they feel like doing in that moment. 

A Quick Overview of our Photograph Children Review:

So how do you make it work?  The good news – it is absolutely possible to create amazing moments by following some trusted tips and tricks.  So, without further adieu – let’s get to it!

Come as you are and Say Bye Bye to the Pose!

Children should be captured “on film” for who they are and not for who you want them to be.  Children are always honest about who they are and this will result in some fantastic impromptu shots. What is more beautiful than children smiling, laughing and playing?  Go with the flow. Let kids put their own spin on your suggestions.  Never tell them they are wrong or refuse to take the shot as this can make them feel less-confident for the rest of the shoot!

Speak their language – Even if it is a bit silly!

Engage! Ask them for their thoughts and ideas. Don’t talk down to them and show genuine interest.  For example, you might have an old stuffed bear in the back and your little client could be a Goldilocks fan of note. See where we are going with this? Photo Op – Big Time!  The key here is to find your inner kid my friend!  The littlest of clients will feel much more relaxed when they don’t see their photoshoot as a chore! Photo Props are great for this and blowing some bubbles or taking a twirl with a hula-hoop can set a fun mood.  Absolutely anything has the potential to be a fun addition to your setup when kids are involved.  This will obviously depend on your clients age, but most little girls love a sparkly tutu, fairy wings or a stunning flower in their hair.  Little boys may in turn prefer a batman costume, some monster trucks or anything messy to get stuck into.  A great idea is to contact the parents ahead of time and find out what the child likes, and even request that some favorite toys come along to join in with the photoshoot fun!

Get down to their level – Physically and more.

Obviously! You will most likely be much taller than your subject and should not spend the whole shoot looking down on them.  Apart from this, little kids will tire of the whole photoshoot concept in record time.  We recommend that photoshoots for children last no longer than an hour.

In Conclusion

Patience is KEY!  Kids will not worry about your schedule, and in this case – neither should you. Give them some time to settle in and let them get comfortable. This will result in more natural moments to shoot.  Small children are unpredictable, so throw that rule book out of the window and wing it!