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Article Summary: When,Who,Where and Why. 
These are the questions i get ask by humans on a daily basis when speaking about my photography. So where should I start? 
I first realized that I have a true passion and eye for photography when I was still very young. I was always fond of a camera and whenever I took photos they came out good. This is when I first realized that I have a good eye for photography. My father got himself a camera and I played around on it. It still never dawned on me that I was one day to become a photographer. I was a very busy kid and always had immense amounts of energy, I then started to  go on lots of different paths thinking that, it was what I really loved...only to find out that it is just what I wanted my mind to believe. After graduating from high school I still did not know what I wanted in life and what I should do with my life. It took a few years to ...


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