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Member Details - Louis Schoeman

Name of Company: SA-Photographers
Article Summary: For sale Canon 24-105 f/3.5-5.6
Name of Company: SA-Photographers
Article Summary: 3 regional photo and video events
Where Giants Meet
Name of Company: Where Giants Meet
Article Summary: Support this amazing photographer Gerhard Steenkamp.
SA-Photographers (Pty) Ltd
Article Summary: FUJI FILM (FREE EVENT) - Kloppers Bfn
SA-Photographers Pty Ltd
Article Summary: Wedding Photography & Videography - Cape Town
Name of Company:
Article Summary: Wedding photographer required.
Area: Richards Bay KZN
Date: 15th of December 2018
Name of Company:
Article Summary: Fitness Photography required for contestant entering the USN face of fitness 2018
SA-Photographers Pty Ltd
Article Summary: Wedding Photographer Required - Ysterfontein
SA-Photographers Pty Ltd
Event: Science Fair, held in Springbok
Date: 3rd August 2018
Registered members interested, send an email to , subject Line to be used "Science Fair"
and we will forward you the clients details.
Many thanks
FUJIFILM and Kloppers Bloemfontein
Article Summary: FUJIFILMEXPERIENCE - Bloemfontein Free Photographic Open Day
2 Day Wedding Portraiture Workshop
Article Summary: One of our esteemed VIP members, Steve Castings, along with Tim Moolman are hosting a Two Day Wedding Portraiture Photograhic Workshop on the 9th & 10th June 2018. Venue: Buffalo Thorn Lodge Magaliesburg. Price INCLUDES Accomodation, Beverages & Food.
For more info email 
Africa Photographic Services
Article Summary: South Africa's leading camera and lens rentals agency as well as a photographic safari outfitter
The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread For Photographers - SA- Photographers.Com
Article Summary: We have been busy with a total restructuring of our website and our entire member listing, a feat wh
"Pausing Fragments of Time"
Article Summary: Leigh-Anne Harber from Lowveld Collective recently interviewed Warren Akerman from FSTOP Studios.
Lowveld Collective is a local blog dedicated to giving exposure to artists, musicians, small businesses, markets, places, and just about anything and anyone who is interesting and relevant to the Lowveld in South Africa.
The questions Leigh-Anne asked were very not very easy to answer, but the answers were honest and to the point.
We hope you enjoy the article, you can read it by clicking HERE.
Enjoy !!
Now you can advertise on
Article Summary: We at are making it possible you as a photographer to advertise yourself on our platform. As stated in our previous newsletters, we are now making this possible for those who want to become premium members. Prerequisites are as follows:
You have a website / landing-page / blog and are a fulltime professional photographer / videographer. You will be listed on top in your area listing on our website with a premium status (you will receive a 5 star rating with VIP status).
You will receive a new premium member widget which you can add on your website showing your status.  You can send us your blogs and articles you write to us and we will share it on our various platforms on your behalf giving you more exposure. You will also be given the opportunity to advertise your company on available advertising space allocated on our website. We understand that Premium members are also those who teach, give classes, lessons and tutorials. Being a professional in our ...
FREE Photography Ebook
Name of Company: FREE Photography Ebook
Article Summary: Hi Members,
As you may or may not know, Warren Akerman who is our team manager also gives photography classes and workshops. He has kindly put together a 60 page Ebook, entitled "FREE Photography Training Course". It is the first of many that he is writting. He has seen that there is a huge need for easily understood informative reading material. The only way we can get to help our industry is by helping those around us with information and knowledge.
This short Ebook, explains ISO, Apperture and Shutter, the building blocks of our photography IRRESPECTIVE the camera brand/model.
The free 60 page Ebook can be downloaded HERE 
Special thanks to Warren for making this ebook available to our members
Let him know what you think of his first Ebook,
Happy reading and Enjoy
Two Wong's don't make a right!
Article Summary: We have ALL watched Digitalrev TV at some point (If you didn’t it’s time you watched it on Youtube).
They had their own antics of getting their message across when they reviewed new equipment and products, or interviewed other photographers. They did had a segment called “Pro tog, Cheap camera” challenge. They would give world renowned photographers, cheap and when we say cheap we’re talking about those HORRIBLE point and shoot jobbies, we’re talking about the kind of camera you would gladly give to someone you don’t like kind of camera here!
We have recently been getting a lot of questions pertaining to stock and stock requirements this past month. The one important message we would like to hammer home is, yes equipment is important, but equipment is NOT going to help you when it comes to talent, tenacity, thinking out of the box. Neither will it help you with the persistence and determination required during a shoot or your career or our ...
Interview with Steve Casting
Article Summary: We have started a new blog section called "Featured Interviews" where we go out and interview photographers who have registered on our website. We will be asking questions and learning from photographers and other professionals from all genres, so that we can all learn from one another. We recently asked our team manager Warren Akerman to go and interview a well known photographer, Steve Casting who is based in Bryanston, South Africa.  
SA  - Firstly thanks for taking the time out of your schedule we really appreciate it Steve. For those who are not familiar with you and your amazing work, can you tell our members a bit about yourself and what you genre you specialize in.
Steve Casting - Thank you Warren. I own a Casting Agency in Gauteng and Durban and a Production Company that specializes in TVC and Feature Films. In my Photography, I’m broadly known for my Glamour Work but have slowly started to move towards specialist ...
2017 Calendar Competition
Article Summary: is creating an exclusive calendar for 2017. A unique calendar by photographers for photographers.  This exclusive calendar will ONLY be made available to our members who have registered on our website and we will send it to you for FREE !  
We are looking for 12 images for our calendar, one image for each month. Should your image be chosen you will automatically receive VIP status on our website.      
Submit your image !
Should your image be chosen you will be requested to do a short write-up about yourself and a short writeup regarding what made you want to take the image as well as the equipment you used. Your image and writeup will be featured on our website and facebook page during the particular month it is featured on the calendar. Your writeup and info will also appear on the calendar.
No images will be considered if you are not a listed member of sa-photographers. ...


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