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Michelle & Tommie's Wedding
Article Summary: The wonderful wedding of Tommie and Michelle in the quaint mining town of Cullinan, north of Pretoria.
The ceremony was conducted in the historical St Georges Church in Cullinan. 
For more than a century the Sir Herbert Baker-designed Anglican Church in Cullinan has served as the hub of Anglican worship in the area. Originally earmarked as a church hall, plans were later modified to create a small stone church. The foundation stone for the new church was laid in 1908 and the building was completed at a cost of £960.The church was designed by British architect Sir Herbert Baker, who was a dominant figure in South African architecture between 1892-1912.
The church was built in 1904 as the parish church for the miners. The church is a simple square structure with a corrugated iron roof.  The first recorded meeting was held on April 22, 1906.
The wedding reception was held at the beautifully elegant Victorian Manor manag and owned by Berthe and Jonathen Kershaw.


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