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Member Details - Sharene Wright

Combined Shoot
Name of Company: Combined Shoot
Article Summary:  A lovely Saturday with Nicole, as we covered three themed shoots
Birthday Shoot
Name of Company: Birthday Shoot
Article Summary:
Got the pleasure of sharing a special birthday.. Lawrence.
What a very blessed shoot.
Masson Family Shoot
Name of Company: Masson Family Shoot
Article Summary: Have been spending a lot of weekends with this family, from fun, themed shoots to the christmas shoots.. so for 2017, just one more to go the offical Family Shoot. So Take a peek on my on-line Gallery..
More fun in the studio
Name of Company: More fun in the studio
Article Summary: ☮*´¨`*•.¸��¸.•*´¨**♔
Making Memories very precious
Creativity is my passion.
capturing memories is a treasure.
A Little about me - How I came about to do Photography as my passion and Hobby
Well, where do I begin first let me explain taking you back to the beginning..
2000, on the death of my son.. my doctor told me to buy a pair of "tekkies" and a camera... go for a walk, click at things that my me smile or happy.. who could have ever imagined that this would be a sane thing to do to cope with a loss? weird but I listened and did that, shared the photos ever time i went to see him.. his reply.. "you smiling, your passion is alive now.. your road is no longer dark.. its bright.. 
Photo shoot began with my granddaughters and grandson and now a whole the start of editing began,I really enjoyed being behind a camera and capturing a special moment to treasure for ...


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