New born photography tips

Best New Born Photography Tips Revealed

New Born Photography Tips

New Born Photography is definitely one of the cutest topics in the Photography industry.  The key to having a successful new born photography session isn’t  creating the perfect gallery. In fact, it is rather about creating a session where everyone, parents and baby, are comfortable, happy, safe and loved. 

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Our 4 Best Handpicked New Born Photography Tips Revealed:

You want your little subjects parents to leave the session feeling joy.  So where do you start?  Here is an overview of the best new born photography tips and tricks.

When should you schedule the shoot and What will you need?

The perfect time for scheduling a new born shoot is 7 – 14 days after the little ones birth.  In this time, they are still sleepy and love to snuggle up in the cutest of positions.  You will need some soft, simple wraps, a warm space with extra heaters and a soothing sound machine.  You will also need to learn how to wrap a baby for the shoot.  Practice different techniques on a doll before the session.  Length and texture will make a notable difference.

Top tip:  Place the baby on a heating pad or beanbag when you want them to pose without a problem.  This will sooth your client and keep them happy while you click away!

Stay at Home

Babies are brand new to the world and staying in the comfort of their own home could definitely help to keep the little one calm.  There is no need for fancy sets and extravagant props when it comes to a new born session.  All focus will be on the baby.  Home sessions will also make it easier to focus on a “sleepy subject” and keep in mind that baby may need a feed to keep the calm.

Top Tip: “Fresh 48” photos are a popular alternative to in labor photographs.  This will be done in the hospital itself, so remember to focus on little details such as their arm band and gifts.

Keep the poses simple

This is especially important for Beginner Photographers.  It will take years to nail the perfect pose so don’t go into the shoot trying to accomplish the impossible. For example, take a sleeping baby and gently raise their arms above their head. Adorable!  Don’t forget the details and remember to capture close ups of baby’s tiny hands, feet, mouth and eyes.

Top Tip:  Whatever you do – Don’t drop the diaper to soon!  Wait for the last second, right before the shot to take babies diaper off.  They will not be able to give you an indication of a bathroom emergency – and things can get messy pretty quickly.

Sibling Shots

If there are little siblings who need to be involved in the shoot, do these pics first.  This way the “older” kids can go play and take a break, while baby continues the session without a tiny toddlers interference.  Ask the parents to get some extra hands in to keep toddlers at bay.

In Conclusion

Take tons of pictures and give up on perfection.  There is no such thing as the perfect photo or photoshoot and the key is to keep calm and carry on!