wedding photography beginners guide

Wedding Photography Beginners Guide – Top Tips for Beginners

Wedding Photography Beginners Guide

Wedding photography beginners guide, aside from the wedding dress, is one of the most import parts of any Wedding Day. Speaking from experience, the day itself can prove to be overwhelming and it goes by in a flash.  Luckily, photos allow the bride and groom to catch up on the day. 

A Quick Overview of our Wedding Photography Beginners Guide Review:

These are memories which will be treasured forever and you, the photographer, has to nail every possible opportunity. Luckily there are a multitude of tips and tricks to make this a memorable experience for all parties involved.  Here is an overlook of a few of our favorite tips and tricks.

Scout it Out and Be Prepared!

Take a trip to the Wedding Location. This will make it easier on the day as you will know all the best spots available for the photoshoot.  You can even take the couple along for some test shots, which they can in turn use as engagement shots. As with any other photoshoot or event, so much can go wrong on the day and being prepared is key.  Scout out some “Plan B locations” in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.  Get an itinerary of the full day, from the rehearsal down to the reception.  This will give you the needed information you need in regards to possible locations and the needed lighting etc.  

Top Tip – Let the couple nominate a “shoot director” for both sides of the family.  They will help you contain the excitement and keep the group together when needs be.  This will also avoid sticky situations of placing family members or friends together who may have a not so pleasant history. Awkward!

It is the little things

Every single detail of the day will be planned down to the tee, with many brides waiting for this moment ever since they pretended to be princesses in school.  Don’t let any little detail pass you by.  This includes the wedding invitations. Add some extra detail to shot by including the bouquet to the shot or even use them as a place setting. The ideas are endless.  If your client is happy with your company, join them in the suite while their make up is being done, for those final touches to her hair and the moment he puts his cufflinks on.  As the old saying goes – the devil is in the details and these are moments the couple are experiencing but cannot witness for themselves.  Be their eyes.  Focus on the accessories. This includes the brides Earrings, hairclips, the brides beautiful shoes and off course – the couples rings!

The Bride

Every bride will want to show off every single detail of their stunning dress.  This may include smaller details such as beading work or beautiful back detail.  The Brides portrait should include pictures of the veil (if there is one) and the bridal bouquet.

The Bridal Party

The bridal squad is a very important part of the couples big day.  This will be the couples best friends and family who were chosen to share their biggest moment with. Capture those candid moments, the laughs and true love between the group.  This will be memories that last a life time.

The Groom

Similar to the bride in her princess dress, most grooms will generally speaking not dress like James Bond on a daily basis.  Focus on their bowtie, snazzy shoes and details of their tux.  This might not call for the same number of photos as the bride, but some cool shots can still be taken.

Top Tip – Create a Shot list with your clients of all the moments and details they want captured.  This is a sure-fire way of ensuring you do not miss a thing!

Get an Assistant

It doesn’t matter how good you are – you can’t be everywhere at once.  Consider bringing a second photographer into the gig with you.  This can make the day flow easier with one tog following the groom, and one tog sticking with the bride.

Be the First

Be there to capture all the firsts.  The walk down the aisle, the rings, that special look when the groom sees his bride for the first time, that first kiss as the happy couple, the first dance and the first toast as husband and wife.

The celebration continues

Now the fun really begins.  The mood will be much more relaxed and the couple will be interacting with their guests at the reception.  Remember to take pictures of the beautiful place settings, the delicious food, guests enjoying themselves and of course – the cake! 

In Conclusion

As with any shoot – Stay Focused and Have fun! It will be a hard task to get your subjects to crack a smile if you go into the day to serious.  Enjoy the day with your clients as you yourself will be a specially invited VIP guest!